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Micro Physics

Multiple Sessions & Times Available

Students will learn all about gravity and acceleration by creating and coding their own glowing pendulum experiment that changes the screen brightness based on the acceleration measured on the micro:bit.

If you're a girl scout, this program satisfies both the Junior and Cadette Robotics 2 badge!

DIY Camping Gear

Multiple Sessions & Times Available

Enhance your camping experience this summer and learn how to make your own DIY compass, thermometer, night light, and level! These activities introduce students to fundamental coding, engineering, and design thinking skills.

If you're a girl scout, this program this program will satisfy the Coding for Good Badge 1 for both Juniors and Cadettes!

Bit of the Enviornment

Multiple Sessions & Times Available

Take your creations to the outdoors and conduct a scientific field study to monitor the moisture level in the plants soil.

If you're a girl scout, this is a Journey Jumpstart into the Think Like A Programmer Journey for Cadettes and Seniors!