Connecting additional sensors to the micro:bit opens a world of opportunities for students! Using this kit students get hands on and learn how to connect external sensors to their micro:bit and take their creations to the next level!

Students can learn invaluable, real-world skills of prototyping and testing. With their maker kit, students can make multiple prototypes and build a wide range of tools while also challenging themselves and exploring beyond what's offered on a traditional micro:bit.



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Great For

  • -Exploring hardware, electronics, and sensors
  • -Learning to code and work with sensors
  • -Developing valuable prototyping and testing skills


-1 x Sensor:bit - extends all available Input/Output ports on micro:bit making it easy to connect external sensors and hardware like motors, servos, and sensors

-1 x Soil Moisture Sensor

-1 x Motor

-1 x PIR Motion Sensor - PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion sensor is used to sense motion, usually human movement in its range. The sensing range is about 4-5 meters.

-1 x Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Can detect rain or whether a water tank is overflowing. The output voltage of this sensor will increase when the humidity of the sensor surface goes up, thus, detecting a change of the humidity.

-1 x Rain/Steam Sensor

-1 x RGB Rainbow LED Ring

-1 x 180 Degrees Analog Servo - 180 degree analog servo that can rotate approximately 180 degrees (90 in either direction). Great application for robotics!

-1 x Light Sensor

-1 x 3V Vertical Water Pump - 3V Vertical DC micro submersible pump.

-1 x 3V Relay Module - 3V Relay to control current water flow and great for use with components like 3V vertical water pump.

-2 x Alligator Clips

-Kodely Maker Kit Online Course Module - lesson modules that include project-based exercises for students to work with sensors & hardware

-Online Support